viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013


Dear Gabriela,

Hi! How are you? Sorry, but I couldn't write before, because I'm really busy. The studies are driving me crazy and I'm  so stressed. I'm meeting a lot of people and I have make a lot of lovel friends.

And you, have you found a job in London? I'm so excited because I haven't found job but I have got good marks. In Spain, at the moment it's so difficult to find job and a lot of people are unemployed.

My college friends are very nice and I talk to them about everything. I'm fascinated with teachers because they have a lot of knowledge about children and the best way of their education. I love my studies because I love children, and I'm learning a lot of things about them.

Gabri, I hope that you are getting on well in London, but for this summer, you have to come to Ibiza because I have a surprise for you!

Lots of kisses, and see you soon!

Aida Ramón López


Firstly, in my opinion modern technologies are very important to learn because we live in a modern society and methodologies have to adapt to changes.

On the one hand, traditional methodologies are based on memorizing knowledge and this is very important for learning. In addition, these methodologies select intelligent people to study and lazy people to work. For these reasons, this methodology is very selective.

But on the other hand, modern methodologies are better to improve the quality of education, and they are necessary, because in our society we need more qualified students. Furthermore, these methodologies are not based on memorizing, but they are based on the experiences of our lives and the knowledge is functional.

In conclusion, both methodologies can be used to teach  and learn, but we must adapt education to the changes. In modern technologies so as to offer better education.

Aida Ramón López

Composition of myself

My name is Aida, and I'm nineteen years old. Physically I'm short, thin and I've got brown eyes and light brown hair. I'm from Ibiza and I live in Puig d'en Valls with my brother and my mum.

I'm studying for a degree in infant education at the university of the Balearic Island and I'm also look for a job at the moment.

As for my hobbies,  I like going clubbing and partying with my friends. I also like going to the beach, swimming, reading and walking.

 I like sports and when I've got free time I go to the gym or ride on the country. I also love to travel and the next place that I woukd like to visit is Greece or Egypt.

As for my personality, I consider myself a little shy but a sociable and friendly person. I'm very patient, but sometimes I'm too lazy.

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Aida Ramón López