viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013


Dear Gabriela,

Hi! How are you? Sorry, but I couldn't write before, because I'm really busy. The studies are driving me crazy and I'm  so stressed. I'm meeting a lot of people and I have make a lot of lovel friends.

And you, have you found a job in London? I'm so excited because I haven't found job but I have got good marks. In Spain, at the moment it's so difficult to find job and a lot of people are unemployed.

My college friends are very nice and I talk to them about everything. I'm fascinated with teachers because they have a lot of knowledge about children and the best way of their education. I love my studies because I love children, and I'm learning a lot of things about them.

Gabri, I hope that you are getting on well in London, but for this summer, you have to come to Ibiza because I have a surprise for you!

Lots of kisses, and see you soon!

Aida Ramón López

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